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Welcome to my first ever Online Art Store and Portfolio of Original paintings and Fine Art Prints! This is so exciting! There have been so many people requesting a website to be able to view and purchase my artwork and now it is available!


Thank you so much to my amazing, talented husband, Levi, that put this website together. It feels so wonderful to be supported and be given so much positive energy. Also, thanks to you for being here and viewing my life’s work and supporting me in this amazing new adventure. On this website you will find all kinds of Art pieces I have done: “Bigger than Life” Murals, glass paintings, metal paintings, wood paintings, and canvases ranging from small to large scale. Be sure to check back with us frequently as we are adding more and more pieces all the time!

We would love any feedback that you have to give so please feel free to let us know what you think! Thank you so much in advance and enjoy as I have.

Also, If you would like a print of an art piece that appears unavailable please contact me and inquire about it and we will see what we can do.



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  1. Corey Bath

    I loved how you really worked hard on every painting. Also, I love how you show a lot of detail. You always try your best. Every painting is amazing. -Corey Bath

  2. ivybath

    I love you Corey, my oldest son. You are such a sweet boy, thank you for all of your kind thoughts. Momma loves you so much!!! You can accomplish anything if you are truly dedicated to it, you just keep giving it your energy, no matter what your results are, and then one day you have exactly what you have been working towards.

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