Ocean sunset painting time lapse video

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Here is the video of me creating the palm tree ocean sunset painting sped up for your viewing pleasure. This painting took just over two and half hours to complete but you can watch the whole thing come together in 5 minutes. As you can see in the video i broke up the composition into thirds and focused on just the sky and the ocean first. Adding the palm trees on top of the background helps create the illusion of depth. Look, I can paint upside down, sideways, and just about anyway I need to to gain a new perspective.


This is the most recent acrylic painting I have done, I love Ocean sunsets, don’t you? Oh and the palm trees, I decided that I wanted to paint more of what I want to see and show up in my life! The palm trees leaning over growing closer to each other as the years go by, The amazing contrast of colors in the sky at dusk. I can imagine hearing the waves crashing against the shore line, and it still is warm out even though the sun is setting. I am at peace. This canvas was hand made by my husband, it measures 20 by 24 inches.


The reference picture was from the following link:

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