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Mother’s Day Little Girl Portrait Paintings

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These three paintings were commissioned by a gentlemen that contacted me about creating artwork for his wife as a Mother’s day surprise. He requested each piece to be done in different styles. I painted the infant baby portrait in oil and used linseed oil to smooth out the texture. The toddler painting of his daughter was drawn in colored pencil and then I applied mineral spirits to blend the colored pencil together and used a little acrylic paint selectively to add a little dimension. The third portrait painting of his young daughter in a field of tulips was brightly painted with acrylic paint. I absolutely loved painting these three portraits and it was awesome being part of the reveal of my client surprising his wife early for Mother’s Day this past Saturday. Their beautiful daughter, Blakely was a blessing to paint; she has so much character and was a joy to capture in these art pieces.


baby painting portrait painting child painting

Here are some comments I received from Blakely’s parents:

“…I really appreciate working with you. You are very talented and easy to work with.”
“Hi Ivy, Thanks again for the paintings. They truly are amazing and we love them.”

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